Moo Brew from Tassie…

Cans of Pale ale, drawing on American Centennial and Tasmanian Cascade hops to build a gnarly floral and citrus aroma, underpinned with a healthy bitterness….

or Cans of Pilsner, where German Spalt hops are blended into their take on a classic lager, with the resulting brew is clean, crisp, and award-winning (if that’s your thing)….

and then there’s the Hefeweizen made in the true Bavarian way, where this wheat and yeast-driven weißbier is full of classic hits of banana and clove. Low bitterness lets the flavour work without interference….


Yes, we’ve got it…just the beer for the Spring Carnival!

And we have added some more wines from across the ditch…Organic to boot!…

Konrad and his crew produce an elegant range of organic wines, including a classy European varietal: Gruener Veltliner, which has slight white pepper notes, and a clean dry palate, while their rieslings offer both a lower alcohol, slightly sweeter wine on the front of the palate, but still finishing dry, which is a real alternative for both savoury and sweeter tasting treats, and a traditional minerally, dry finishing style…And at affordable prices…